A little more about us...

We run two sessions per week on Tuesday evenings in Eastleigh and another in Sholing on Friday. Currently the Friday class only caters for students 14 years and older.

  • Tuesday kids class (6 - 14 years)
    • 18:45 to 19:45

    3.50 per session

  • Friday adult class (14+ years)
    • 19:30 to 21:00

    7.00 per session or 20.00 monthly

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Steve Barker-sensei - Eastleigh Dojo

A typical class

Classes always start with a warm up. Sometimes this will involve some simple cardio and floor excercises or a good work out on the striking pads. This is a good way to practice a range of striking techniques using hands, feet, knees, elbows, and even your head. Its no problem if you are not very fit, just work hard and do what you can do. Before long you will be keeping up with the best of them!

The bulk of the class is spent learning a range of techniques from a syllabus covering 8 grades which are tested periodically as the student's skill and knowledge progresses. The techniques we teach are all very practical and designed to help you survive real wold situations against individual and multiple aggressors. You will also learn techniques for dealing with knives, handguns, sticks and clubs (baseball bat). But don't worry there is nothing to be afraid of! Under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors you will learn these techniques in a safe (and hopefully fun) environment.

Club instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and have a broad base of martial arts experience including Jujitsu, Karate, Judo, Iaido, Ninjutsu, MMA, Aikido, and military combat techniques. The founder of the organisation (Steve Barker Sensei) is an experienced Karateka, and currently holds 4th Dan black belt in Mushin Jujitsu and 4th Dan GBASSDA self defence. Naturally you will have the opportunity to learn more than just what is written down on the syllabus.

The Mushin Jujitsu Association is a member of GBASSDA (Great Britain All Styles Self Defence Association). For more information follow the link below.

'Study hard and all things can be accomplished; give up and you will amount to nothing'

- Yamaoka Tesshu