Welcome to the club

Mushin Jujitsu is a style of Jujitsu that has been designed to focus on self defence and is therefore more suitable for 'real world' applications. The principle aim is to teach a range of techniques which can be applied in most situations. By ensuring these techniques are relatively simple it is more likely that the practitioner will be able to apply what they have learned in stressful situations. This means that we tend to avoid flashy, overly complex techniques, in favour of something solid and practical. All the while staying true to the basic philosophies of Jujitsu.

Why should you take a class?


Everyone is different and has different needs. Our club has been running for many years and has never stopped evolving. We have students who are experienced martial artists in other disciplines and others who are taking their first steps. Everyone can learn something and everyone has something they can teach. Our club is open to all and is truly there for the benefit of its members.

Perhaps the best reason to train with us is to improve your fitness and sense of wellbeing. As you work your way through our syllabus your skills and knowledge will grow, you will get fitter, you will get stronger, and you will gain greater levels of self confidence. An even better reason to come along and see us is to take yourself outside of your comfort zone. Do something that challenges you. Attempt to do something you think you can't and prove yourself wrong.

Our techniques are well structured and follow a syllabus which is divided into levels/belts. As the basic techniques are mastered you will progress through the ranks. This happens at your own pace and according to your ability. What we can promise you is that the syllabus is only the tip of the iceberg.

Still unsure? Just come along and try it out. The first session is free. After that you can train for a few weeks to see if Mushin Jujitsu is really what you are looking for and then decide if you would like to join the club.